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CVE Number Vulnerability Product Severity Date
APSB22-16 Adobe Reader Security Advisory Acrobat Reader DC High 18-06-2022

Technical Information

CVE-2022-24103 – This is an Arbitrary code execution vulnerability that stems from use-after-free vulnerability. An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could execute arbitrary code on the host machine in the logged-on user’s context. Other critical vulnerabilities – CVE-2022-24103, CVE-2022-24104, CVE-2022-27785, CVE-2022-24102, CVE-2022-27786, CVE-2022-27787, CVE-2022-27788, CVE-2022-27789, CVE-2022-27790, CVE-2022-27791, CVE-2022-27792, CVE-2022-27793, CVE-2022-27794, CVE-2022-27795, CVE-2022-27796, CVE-2022-27797, CVE-2022-27798, CVE-2022-27799, CVE-2022-27800, CVE-2022-27801, CVE-2022-27802, CVE-2022-28230, CVE-2022-28231, CVE-2022-28232, CVE-2022-28233, CVE-2022-28234, CVE-2022-28235, CVE-2022-28236, CVE-2022-28237, CVE-2022-28238, CVE-2022-28239, CVE-2022-28240, CVE-2022-28241, CVE-2022-28242, CVE-2022-28243, CVE-2022-28838 For more information – Adobe Advisory 

Affected Software

Acrobat Reader DC < 22.001.20117
Acrobat Reader 2020 < 20.005.30334
Acrobat Reader 2017 < 17.012.30229