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CVE Number Vulnerability Product Severity Date
CVE-2021-4102 Google Patched Zero-days in Chrome said to be Exploited in the Wild Google Chrome Critical 16-12-2021

Technical Information

Google had patched 5 vulnerabilities in Google Chrome, one of which CVE-2021-4102, is said to have been exploited in the wild. Exploitation of CVE-2021-4102 can result in corruption of valid data or even remote code execution on the victim’s device. These vulnerabilities have been patched on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

CVE-2021-4102: Use after free in V8 – Severity High [Exploited in Wild]
CVE-2021-4101: Heap buffer overflow in Swiftshader – Severity High
CVE-2021-4100: Object lifecycle issue in ANGLE – Severity High
CVE-2021-4099: Use after free in Swiftshader – Severity High
CVE-2021-4098: Insufficient data validation in Mojo – Severity Critical

Since Microsoft Edge is Chromium-based, those browser versions too might be vulnerable.

K7 Computing advises all its customers to update Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers to the latest versions.

To update Chrome:
1. In Chrome browser, click on 3 dots on right-hand side of window
2. Go to Help -> About Google Chrome
3. If update is available, the browser will display a message that its checking for updates

To update Edge:
1. In Microsoft Edge browser, click on the 3 dots (…) on the very right-hand side of the window
2. Go to Help and Feedback -> About Microsoft Edge
3. If update is available, browser will display a message that its checking for updates

Affected Software

Chrome prior to v96.0.4664.110