It is common knowledge that phishers [Authors of a phish] attempt to steal sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details etc. by masquerading as a trustworthy entity. Some key elements of a phish are:

  • A fake website created by simply ripping content off the original site and pasting them on the spurious one

  • A bait which engages potentially attractive terms like “Watch nude girls now”, “You’ve won a million dollars”, “Find what your neighbor is up to “, etc. to attract victims

  • Scare mongering by using words like “Account has been suspended”, “Computer found to be infected”, “Severe action will taken” etc.

  • Create a YouTube video

Yes, you read that right!! Phishers now go to the depths of creating videos explaining to the potential victim how to execute the phish. Call it a “how-to-guide” to give your secrets away, if you’d like.

The site under discussion http://fbshirts.[Blocked], apart from having all the usual elements of a phish also has a video on YouTube instructing users how to give away their Facebook “mobile email address”. This is a personalized email address used to post status updates straight to your profile.

Users who’ve fallen victim to this scam will have a spam message posted on their facebook wall like the one below:

One would like to think that no one would fall victim for such a scam. But the number of hits that this video has received, (80,432 and counting) paints a bleak picture. See image below:

Our usual sentiments about keeping one’s security solutions up-to-date and being vary of giving one’s personal information to unknown sites apply.

Lokesh Kumar

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