Facebook users are being warned over yet another apparent phishing scam circulating on the popular social networking site.

Following an attempt to redistribute a new variant of the Koobface virus late last year, Facebook has been hit in the news for the second time this week over after apparent phishing message was found to be luring some of the site’s users.

Earlier this week, Facebook took steps to warn users of a “a concerted phishing attack” on the network which attempted to trick users into divulging login details.

The newest version of the scam, referred to as “areps.at”, appears to be working in a similar fashion to previous scams such as FBAction and FBStarter with the fraudster contacting Facebook users from other, already hacked, Facebook accounts and directing them to areps.at.

Users who follow the link put themselves at risk of infection from malicious software and, according to reports; landing on the URL launches a message campaign to the user’s Facebook contacts, further spreading the scam.

Users of the site should show extra caution when accessing messages in their Facebook inbox and update their existing antivirus software to reduce the risk of their PCs becoming infected. Experts are also advising users to change their existing Facebook password if they have already received the message.

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