Dear readers,

As you may have noticed, there have been many changes around here in terms of the new K7 website and even some new products in the shape of K7SecureWeb.

All this activity and a few internal changes have meant that this blog has been a bit underused in recent weeks. The good news is that we’re now re-launching the blog, and while I’ll be the main writer here; keeping you updated with the goings on here at K7, and on Security issues in general; we will also be having contributions from other team members. This will include contributions from our Virus Lab experts, our development and technical teams and our cloud computing division.

Just to introduce myself, I’m the Chief Technology Officer here at K7 – and you can see a bit more about me here I can also be found blogging over at and I’ll be speaking at various events including Virus Bulletin 2010 in Vancouver, Virus Bulletin’s new Seminar series in London, and the AVAR conference in Bali.

I hope to be posting regular and interesting content here, and would love to hear your feedback, which you can leave on the comments section. I’ll try to answer all genuine comments as I can, but please be aware that I won’t be answering any support questions here, so please direct those to our wonderful support staff, who will be only too happy to help out.

Andrew Lee
CTO K7 Computing

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