Stealer Trojan  

Zloader Strikes Back

Recently, we came across an update from PolySwarm regarding a new Variant of Zloader. Zloader is a malware based on […]

Sudeep February 14, 2024

The Phoenix Rises Again

Remember ‘.tprc’, the cyber scourge that sent shivers down spines in 2021? It seems this digital phoenix has risen from […]

Suresh Reddy
Suresh Reddy February 9, 2024
Stealer Trojan  

Unmasking the Dot Stealer

Recently we came across a tweet about DotStealer malware, and on observing its behavior we found it to be stealing […]

Uma Madasamy
Uma Madasamy February 8, 2024
Packers  Vulnerability  

When RAR Roared!

WinRAR is a widely used compression utility around the world today. It is famously used to create the RAR archive. […]

Anurag Shandilya
Anurag Shandilya January 31, 2024