Proactive protection is extremely important in the current threat landscape where malware change faster than the time taken for light to travel from the Sun to Earth.

Along with robust static and dynamic proactive Anti-Virus protection, K7TCL is contemplating providing a unique, bespoke service to the individual based on complex astrological calculations which have evolved since Vedic times in India.

We are hoping to help answer questions such as “How likely am I to get infected now or in the future, and with what?”. The mathematical formulae involve asterisks, i.e. “stars”, geometric positions, and “signed” comparison operations on individual horoscope data.

K7TCL advice may include corrective steps to be taken to counter any warnings of impending doom. Even under these circumstances one ought not to panic as there is always room for one’s destiny to be what one makes of it.

In addition, given the nature of fatalistic heuristics, 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Nevertheless, today, the 1st of April 2011, is a “good” day to let people know about some of the plans we are considering.

Images courtesy of vedic-academy.com and paceywilliams.com

Samir Mody
Senior Manager K7TCL

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