We had blogged a few weeks ago about the role that social media played during the recent floods in our home city of Chennai. In that blog we had stated the following:
“Historic rainfall in huge measure broke a century-old record for the highest rain in this region, and the subsequent clogging up of Chennai’s water bodies contributed to the flood situation. Chennai’s infrastructure took a massive hit with transport (road, rail and air), electricity and communication systems (mobile, landline and internet) going down…”
We ought to add that between the 1st and the 8th of December 2015 Chennai was declared a national disaster zone, and that K7 Computing’s own infrastructure was affected during this period due to the absence of power and network connectivity. Our systems were handicapped to the extent that our AV-Test results for the beginning of December 2015 were adversely impacted; both the reported Real-World test misses, one of which was only a partial miss given that HIPS behavioural protection triggered an alert, occurred during the aforementioned time window.
We are, of course, in the process of enhancing redundant systems at alternative geographical locations in order to maintain robust protection.
Samir Mody
Senior Manager, K7TCL
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