The folks who are in the business of malware are quite innovative and react with alacrity to what is happening around the world.

In recent times, the quake at Haiti was used as a lever to ask people to visit a link to help. Of course if a mail is well-crafted we tend to see how we can help and then the usual means of  exploiting are used: ranging from asking you to make a ‘small’ donation with your credit card to stealthily making you download malware.

If you are from Chennai, Tamil Nadu (INDIA), you will be aware of a sleazy scandal involving a fake godman. To cut a long story short the young godman was caught on tape in very compromising acts with an yesteryear actress–would have been nobody’s business but for the godman’s usual preaching around celibacy and how he has achieved ‘powers’ through the practice of the same.

Anyway, our interest is the fact that currently if you were to search for the name of the people involved you are being directed to pages that host Fake Anti-Virus products.

So beware, of fake swamijis and fake AVs!

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