Joker malware on Google Play Store continues to scare Android users. Its variants continue to find new tricks and tactics to stay undetected by doing small changes in its code or changing the payload download techniques.

Figure 1: Malicious Joker Apps from Google Play Store

The following Joker samples were discovered recently on Google Play store which have now been removed.

  • All Document Scanner
  • Color Call Flash- Call Screen
  • Clean Wallpaper
  • Free BP Recorder
  • Free Chat SMS
  • Free Document Scanner
  • Free Super Scanner
  • Free Writing Message
  • Free Secret Message
  • PDF Scanner Master
  • Time Zone Camera
  • Text Emoji Messages
  • Teddy love wallpapers
  • Unique Heart Rate Monitor

Technical Analysis

In this blog, we will be analyzing the new  Joker sample It is clear from Figure 2 that this new piece of Joker has adapted to multistage dex file loading; as the class name of a service declared in the AndroidManifest.xml file  is not defined in the classes.dex in the APK’s root folder. This technique has not been seen in any of the previous Joker malware samples.

Figure 2: Undefined Class Name in AndroidManifest.xml

This means that the class not mentioned in the classes.dex would be loaded in memory at run-time using any one of the dynamic loading techniques.

Once launched, the malicious Android Package (APK) retrieves first level malicious payload, “a”, a .jar file (containing the payload dex) from grouplearn[.shop as shown in Figure 3 , which enables the parent malware with additional malevolent capabilities.

Figure 3: Malicious First Level Payload from C2

This first level payload has a base64 encoded URL to download  the next payload as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Reference to the second payload in base64 encoded format

The  second payload,”w.iov”, again a .jar file, downloaded from implemente[.life as shown in the Figure 4, has the class reference of “okhttp3.service” class from the AndroidManifest.xml of as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Defined Class Name from AndoridManifest.xml

     This Joker sample attempts to intercept incoming SMS messages and subscribe to the paid premium services as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6:  Intercept SMS Messages


  • Always use the Official App Store to download apps
  • Carefully read the user reviews before installing the apps
  • Ensure you protect your device and data by using a reputable security product like K7 Mobile Security and keeping it up-to-date, to scan all the downloaded apps, irrespective of the source

 At K7 Labs, we are constantly protecting our users with near real-time monitoring of Joker malware.

Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)

Infected Package Name on Google Play StoreHashDetection Name
com.callphone.spashthemesEFB5D28977819F9C0CA0AC797D798136Trojan ( 0001140e1 ) ( 0001140e1 )
com.camerauniquemonitor.heartkeepBCE3E7080721B2615D355C4EE91C07CCTrojan ( 0001140e1 ) ( 00580dec1 )
com.humble.wallpapersE6CC00167761395BEF0FD2800CD66306Trojan ( 0058134e1 )
com.maccode.qrs.app3E9858CA09CF039C54276529C9A790AETrojan ( 0058134d1 )
com.msc.docscannerDFDFC5A14A1D8C34A6EBF8D882334B2ETrojan ( 0001140e1 )
com.mysdkdialy.bpanaysisE1756D7D7905B362B3D6431F61527DE9Trojan ( 0001140e1 )
com.PhotoMessageE1D05485913D4E7BF444A0492015D0DATrojan ( 0058134b1 )
com.smartful.companynowmessages.digitalesmsFB584881E0CE6A643B12F5BA660EFC77Trojan ( 0001140e1 )
com.superjiu.camerascannerAE4045B3231217ED61297F1DE6966BAETrojan ( 0001140e1 )
qrmatadata.scannerfreeusedA5E6D4F943E6B039F2E5099243585778Trojan ( 005812df1 )
sticker.mackercreator.wonderfulD26ACC188894892F354F0A9DFBC0C163Trojan ( 0001140e1 )

Payload URLs





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