One of the items on a malware authors checklist while distributing malicious code is to make sure that their malware remains undetected, for as long as possible. Scanning their creation using a multiple Anti-Virus scanning system is one among the many techniques in their arsenal which ensures just that.

Although time consuming and resource intensive, the malware author installs various Anti-Virus software and keeps them updated. The malicious files are scanned on this system before they are distributed to the victim.

For malware authors/script kiddies who can’t afford to build such a system, there are underground sites which mimic genuine online file/URL scanning services. A significant difference being, these underground sites in exchange for money, promise not to distribute the scanned files to the Anti-Virus vendors. Given below are screen shots of two such sites:

Then there are tools which incorporate multiple scanners & are distributed for free. Given below is a screen shot of one such tool:

If their malicious code is detected by the Anti-Virus vendors during the initial stage of the attack, the malware authors are quick to change their binary.

While traditional checksum based detections alone might be ineffective against such files, a combination of several detection methods, which include a behaviour based approach will prove far more effective.

R.V Shyam Charan

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