K7 Computing Private Limited celebrated its 23rd anniversary on August 27, 2015, with great enthusiasm. It was a day marked with fun, recognition, to acknowledge K7’s incredible journey over the years. When you work for a company with a positive environment that encourages individuality, spirit of ownership and creativity, a milestone reached by the company is akin to achieving a personal milestone. This sense of belonging was reflected in each and every employee, and that made the event great fun.
The agenda was set; our work family was formed into teams; Orange, Green, Blue, and Red. The preparations began in full swing a couple of days prior to the big day. Each team took up the challenge to creatively bring in some mojo into their workspace. We found out what happens when engineering meets design, and what can happen when marketing takes on engineering. The events were officially kicked off. The response was tremendously positive; we experienced a space odyssey; got spooked in a scary house; travelled back to the past, experienced the present, and glimpsed the future; and dedicated the “PSLV Concept” to the man who made it possible, the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Then, we experienced a moment of pride when our Founder and CEO, Mr Kesavardhanan, appreciated all the employees for their unyielding support with his speech straight from the heart, and presented awards for the outstanding contributions of the employees. As the event drew to a close, we couldn’t help but look forward to yet another year filled with purpose, achievement, and of course lots of fun.
Archana Sangili, Content Writer
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