Shouting or throwing a tantrum at a computer could be beneficial for users after research revealed that half of Brits suffer from “computer rage”.

Researchers from the University of Bolton, UK revealed that 54% of users have, at some point, become so frustrated with their PC’s that they have shouted at the screen, slammed on keyboards or smashed mice in anger.

Psychologists at the university asked 126 British computer users how often they “lost it” with their computer equipment and to provide a written description of one such incident.

They found that the majority experienced “computer rage” three or four times a month, with more than 10% showing some sign of rage at least 10 times. Most of these cases were associated with unsatisfactory work progress and time pressure, the survey concluded.

However, experts do believe that throwing a tantrum at a computer could actually be better for people’s health, rather than “bottling up” any anger.

John Charlton, from the university said: “Although the study did not look at health factors, habitual, unrestrained expression of anger is known to be a significant cause of ill-health.

“However, moderate outbursts of anger, in the form of shouting at a computer might actually be beneficial.”

One of the primary causes of poor computer performance could be the presence of malware on a system, with spyware or adware performing functions that command large amounts of a computer’s resources.

If your computer’s pace is causing you to lose your temper, download the latest antivirus software updates to ensure that it isn’t being held up by malicious software.

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