Happy new year to everyone! Let 2010 be a time of professional and personal fulfillment to all of us.

K7 Computing has been quite active in 2009 and we expect that we will be coming out with new exciting products in our usual domain and a few related domains. We are very happy with what we have been doing with the new ideas as well as the improvements to our AV and security-related products. Do keep a watch for the announcements.

We are launching version 10 of our flagship product in mid January 2010 in the Indian market. We have been beefing up our support and field infrastructure towards this. A few days back one of our long time customers told us that the quality of our telephone support was very good. We are gratified to see that our efforts in these areas is impacting our users positively.

We are revamping the website too. I plan to write more, in a semi-technical mode. There will be more detailed technical articles exploring the areas we are working on as well as points of concern to the users. We are adding a “Breaking News” section where we give a quick, but limited; heads-up on threats, trends and issues that concern you.

Let me once again wish you all a happy new year!

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