Social networking service Blippy has become the latest technology firm to be caught up in a data leak embarrassment after it was reported that the site had left users credit card details open to Google search results.

Technology and finance news site Venturebeat reported that credit card details saved by Blippy users were accessible through search engine queries, with multiple credit card numbers being discovered in the investigation.

Blippy is a social networking site that allows users to share information about what they are buying online and reporters claimed that the site was vulnerable to a targeted Google search.

Shortly after the report was published, Blippy moved to ease panic on the incident with co-founder Philip Kaplan claiming on the company’s official company blog that only four users were affected by the disclosure, all of whom have been notified.

“We are serious about security and want to assure Blippy users that this was an isolated incident from many months ago in our beta test, and doesn’t affect current users,” Kaplan wrote.

“While it looks super-scary and is embarrassing to us, it’s a lot less bad than it looks.”

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