No, there’s no new sobriquet for some obscure “Advanced Persistent Threat”. Instead, via the medium of this blog we at K7 Threat Control Lab would like to invite you into our space, both physical and mental, to better introduce ourselves, thus dispelling certain stereotypes associated with lab personnel.

K7 Computing is now 22 years old. Hoorah!! In celebration of this momentous milestone several departments, formed into teams, devoted space and time to decorate parts of our head office (in Chennai, INDIA) based on assigned themes.

The theme assigned to the lab team (TEAM RED) was “Nature” so we decided to depict her awesome power, highlighting the non-negotiable limits on human expropriation and control. Within the confines of the Threat Control Lab we modelled an earthquake, a tsunami, a tornado, thunder and lightning, and a volcano.

The photo below shows our version of a “volcano” constructed smack bang in the middle of the Threat Control Lab, for which we temporarily commandeered the overhead monitors that are meant to display real-time threat intelligence data:

Image courtesy of Kaarthik, Threat Researcher, K7TCL

Note, no aircraft were affected in any way by our volcano despite the tons of “aish“.

Samir Mody
Senior Manager, K7TCL

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