Online fraudsters have been turning to Google Calendar in what appears to be a new variant of phishing scam.

The software, currently in Beta mode, allows users to share calendar entries and events with either pre-approved users or openly with any Google Calendar user.

A number of users are reported to have received bogus emails purporting to be a Google Calendar Email Notification, stating that their accounts would be deleted unless then can verify their username, password and date of birth. The email then contains a link to a rouge website which collects the information from unwitting users.

Emails appear to come from a Gmail account which, according to reports, comes in the format of, where XXXX is a random four digit number.

Google Calendar users are advised to use caution when receiving such emails, as Gmail automatically enters a sender’s account name, rather than email address, to any emails that it handles. Any customers who receive an email that appears to be suspicious should forward it to

Users are also advised to ensure that their PC security software is fully updated and that phishing protection functions are switched on.

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