In a previous blog we mentioned that it might be beneficial for Indian netizens to have a very high-level overview of how existing cyber laws are meant to protect them.
The Information Technology (Amendment) Act 2008 has provisions to enable cyber policing, thereby attempting to ensure cyber security, which is defined thus:
“cyber security” means protecting information, equipment, devices, computer, computer resource, communication device and information stored therein from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, modification or destruction
The following images describe activities which are outlawed in the aim of ensuring cyber security:

Anyone found indulging in any of the above illegal activities would attract stiff punishment as mentioned below:

We hope this provides netizens with a better understanding of the provisions in the IT (Amendment) Act 2008. We will continue to explore more niche aspects of the Act in our upcoming blogs.
Images are courtesy of several sites including:
Samir Mody
Senior Manager, K7TCL
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